Alone (Fiction)

I can honestly relate to this. Great work by Tim Miller!


A Sociopath’s Confession

How morbid am I?

To enjoy your fragile forest on a winter night

Dancing amongst your frozen limbs

Whilst thirty inches of snow engulf your icy roots



You seek redemption through me

I, amusement in your snow-covered ground

Thus, you become my playground

And I, your noose



Only snow angels deprived of halos remain

Abandoned in your forest like undiscovered carcasses

Laughter echoes through my veins

As I witness your pain



A sip from your woes I steal

Darling, I drink to thee

A toast to your agony

Which has ignited a fire within me




Last year I went to Austin, TX for a few months. Honestly I was attempting to relocate there, since I fell in love with the place on my first visit in 2014. It didn’t quite work out due to  lack of funds. However, I remained in this unique city for about 2 months and during that time I explored some of the areas that define Austin. If you haven’t heard yet, Austin is known for the countless bats residing under the congress bridge. Many foreigners travel to Austin, just to witness this. I was also one of them. I stood at the Congress Avenue Bridge, anticipating to see how these bats show off. Unfortunately, I was not well equipped for such a show. It is too dark to capture the bats with a Samsung android during fall, but I am determined to visit in the summer and actually capture the bats flying from under the bridge. I was told by my friend who lives there that in the summertime, it was the best time to enjoy such an experience. For now, here are some visuals of the places I visited whilst being in this awesome city. I shall be back Austin.

Congress Avenue Bridge
The view from the Congress Ave Bridge at night. This is Lake Travis and as you can see not even the darkness stops the people from enjoying the water.
Mount Bonnell
University of Texas at Austin in 2016. You could never imagine that a few years ago Charles Whitman caused mayhem in this very same place. Nowadays, the campus seems untouched, flawless.


One of my favorite places was Barton Springs. I even made a short video of the time I spent there. Check it out below!
If you keep walking further from the Barton Springs area, you’ll end up walking on a bridge that’s under a bridge. Look at this amazing view.

Austin even inspired me to write poetry.

Austin, you display the best sunsets

In any angle, your horizons never seizes to amaze

During my visit, not once was I upset

For your skies never fail to ablaze


After dark, creatures of the night consume your skies

Attracting hundreds of foreign eyes

Awaiting the bats to depart their abode and find their prey in the dark

While we lie here on the grass; awaiting daylight’s demise


As the wind caresses Lake Travis

The creatures underneath dance into a dark abyss

On the surface, oars create repeated patterns

Reflecting dancing flaming lanterns


In those very moments, splendor resides

we then surrender to prolonged nights

Of munching off of food trucks on road sides

Their scent teasing the nostrils of every traveler


“Keep Austin weird”

A motto that I do not fear

Words that sound like home

At last, my restless soul has found a permanent place to roam


I’m not very great at writing poetry but it’s fun.Thank you guys for taking the time to read. I truly appreciate it. I hope you enjoyed it and decide to visit Austin one day. It is truly a unique city and the motto there really is “Keep Austin Weird.” Also, I forgot to mention 6th street. You must go there! Live music, affordable drinks, exquisite food, attractive people. Just promise me you’ll go.


Purifying Awakening

These raindrops become my lullaby

Each one playing a tune as they fall from the sky

As gravity thrusts them toward me, I watch them on my skin arrive

On the damp, green pasture I recline

Now exposed to them where I can no longer hide

Each raindrop touching parts of me I can no longer disguise

As I witness melancholic skies with earthly sorrows intertwine

In the middle of it all, is where to my agony, I said goodbye

Strange, how this refreshing rain

Cured such fleeting pain

Emerging stories from within and sharing my sins

Perhaps this is my swan song

An amalgamation of soothing raindrops and physical frequencies

Composing a musical master piece

Derived from a moment of epiphany

Resulting in infinite peace

At last, I can finally sleep.


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